Spirit of Place: Embracing the Past for a Better Future
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Historic Horticulture
Date / Time: 
Wed June, 24 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Greenway J
T. Bishop, Mundus Bishop; L.A. Brockway, The Trustees of Reservations; L. Eirhart, Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

Many public gardens are recognizing the significance of their sites as places of historical and designed importance. Embracing this heritage provides more than a nod to the past, it offers a very tangible and emotional connection, and a guide for a better future. Knowing how to define the qualities, characteristics, and spirit of place that make a public garden significant is challenging. This session brings expert how-to knowledge, and best practices of cultural landscape preservation into the realm of public garden management and design. Every public garden will benefit from learning how its heritage can inform its future.


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