PERSPECTIVES & PARTNERSHIPS-Art Exhibitions and Programs in Gardens
Event Type: 
Enriching Art and Exhibitions
Date / Time: 
Tue June, 23 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Greenway D-E
S. Fischer, R.W. Hartlage, Land Morphology; E. Johnson, Greenwood Garden; M. Matheson, Atlanta Botanical Gardens; L.M. Eldred, Denver Botanic Gardens; E. Tschantz, Powell Botanical Garden

Gardens will discuss their experiences with art exhibitions, collections and programs in public gardens. Hear first-hand experiences of gardens hosting exhibitions of international stature (Chihuly / Mosaiculture) - to a new garden hosting its first exhibition “Art in Nature: A collaboration of Greenwood Gardens and Studio Montclair”. Learn where, how and why public gardens have integrated art into thier gardens. Hear how art exhibits and programs have affected visitaion, membership and community connections. Hear about the benefits and challenges of hosting large exhibitions, building and maintaining permanent collections, and hosting a first art exhibition in a new garden