Keeping ‘Green’ in the Skyline Tour
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Tue June, 23 - 1:15pm to 4:45pm
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On this tour, visitors will see amazing green spaces in the heart of Minneapolis. There are countless reasons, physical, mental, and spiritual, to incorporate green spaces into our cities. See how the city of Minneapolis has done this and is continuing to maintain parks and natural settings in plans for the future.


Ask a Minneapolis resident their favorite place in the city and chances are that an area of the Chain of Lakes will come up; there are nearly 5 million visits a year! Our stop at Lyndale Park is just a small part of the Chain of Lakes, but it showcases a variety of gardens including the Peace (Rock) Garden, the Rose Garden, Perennial Garden, Perennial Trial Garden, and Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden.

Our next stop, The Central Mississippi Riverfront Park, again is a large regional park made up of smaller parks. While a beautiful visit along the river, the main goal is to learn more about plans for the future and how multiple groups and organizations are working together to improve and maintain this greenspace for future generations.


The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden unites two loves—greenspaces and cultural life. For those that cringe about leaving greenspace within a city thinking it’s just a patch of missed opportunity, The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a perfect example of the opposite. By not only having beautiful gardens, but by incorporating sculptures from the Walker Art Center’s renowned collection, the city has created a treasured destination for residents and traveling visitors.


The bus for this tour will leave the hotel at 1:00 p.m.