The Journey of Emerging Leadership: Struggles, Successes, and Resources
Event Type: 
Deeply Rooted Leadership and Development
Date / Time: 
Tue June, 23 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Greenway A
R.L. Brown, Cleveland Botanical Garden; S. Bhatt, Brooklyn Botanic Garden; J.I. Johnson, National Science Foundation

Effective leaders can make all the difference in your institution by inspiring staff, successfully coaching team members, and fostering a community of trust and safe risk-taking. Everyone taking on a new leader role has felt a bit unprepared. Although some institutions help staff prepare for leadership roles, many do not. Exemplary development and training opportunities like the Getty Leadership Institute or the Center for Creative Leadership exist. You can also create opportunities for development inside your organization. Are these approaches worth the time and effort to get approved in the budget? We think so.

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