Interpreting Science for the Public: a.k.a. Making it Real
Event Type: 
Core Marketing and Media Relations
Date / Time: 
Wed June, 24 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Greenway D-E
J. GoodSmith, The Morton Arboretum; K. Sackman, EcoMyths Alliance

Have you ever tried to tell a story but found that the content was hard to describe? Helping communicate science and making it accessible is a critical issue for many of us. This session helps provide some tools and solutions on how to communicate difficult topics…and make them real to the general public. We will use humor and improvisation to get people to think about how to generate the most creative, relevant and impactful messages. Join The Morton Arboretum and its partner EcoMyths Alliance for a fresh twist on how to make science accessible.

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