Global Collaborations Between Public Gardens to Preserve Plant Biodiversity
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Powerful Partnerships and Collaborations
Date / Time: 
Fri June, 26 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Greenway H-I
P.J. Olin, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum; C.P. Dunn, Cornell Plantations; N. Vlasava, Central Botanical Garden NAS of Belarus; Y. Naumtsev, Botanic Gardens Conservation International Russia, Russian Federation

This session will look at how international research and educational collaborations between botanical gardens can benefit both partners. These benefits include: increasing genetic diversity within plant collections, developing biodiversity conservation programs including local and global seed banks and contributing to knowledge on controlling invasive species. Local audiences can be engaged through educational programs that highlight international connections. Collaborations between the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the Central Botanical Garden of Belarus, between the Lyon Arboretum and the University of Auckland and between several US and Russian Botanic botanic gardens will be described.

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