Enriching Art and Exhibitions Dual Session: Session 1-Kickstart your Art; Session 2-Creating Temporary Garden Design Competitions which Engage, Inspire, Excite and Create Long Term Partnerships with Designers, Businesses and Guests.
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Enriching Art and Exhibitions
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Wed June, 24 - 8:45am to 10:15am
Greenway J
Session 1: L.M. Eldred, Exhibitions, Denver Botanic Gardens Session 2: M. Conklin, Tucson Botanical Gardens; C. Druckenbrod, Cleveland Botanic Garden; A. Reford, Jardins de Metis (Reford Gardens)

Session 1: Learn how to experiment with smaller-scale, focused crowd-funding campaigns to build community and awareness. In this instance see how Denver Botanic Gardens' School of Botanical Art & Illustration funded a limited edition illustration book and artist in residences through Kickstarter. More than \n25,000 was raised in less than 30 days with support from more than 275 supporters.


Session 2: Television reality shows have given viewers immediate gratification through their 24 hour to 6 week design competitions, yet flower competitions have been conducted world-wide throughout history. Today, public gardens are reinventing the temporary garden installation model and are presenting them as a way to engage guests, designers and businesses, as well as a means to drive tourism and reengage members. Listen and learn while three diverse public gardens share their story of how design competitions can ignite creativity and community involvement. Learn the step by step process from concept development, site and designer selection and project oversight to guest impact.

View the first half of the Session 2 presentation. 

View the second half of the Session 2 presentation.