Enriching Art and Exhibitions Dual Session: Session 1-Bringing the Public to Your Garden: Programming The Pros and Pitfalls; Session 2-Partnerships with Artists: Connecting with Gardens and the Community
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Enriching Art and Exhibitions
Date / Time: 
Wed June, 24 - 10:30am to 11:30am
Greenway H-I
Session 1: J.G. Rooke, Descanso Gardens Session 2: B. Roche, Franklin Park Conservatory

Session 1: Juliann Rooke of Descanso Gardens, with Mike Pollack of MPI, shares the experiences of presenting a month-long, large-scale entertainment event, “RISE of the Jack O’Lanterns.” The Halloween-themed event boosted membership at the Los Angeles-area botanic garden, generated significant media buzz, and exposed a new demographic to the garden. They will share details of the challenges, expected and unexpected, of creating this high-profile event. Finally, Rooke will share whether goals established at the onset of the project were met by the outcome. Session 2: Planning exhibitions is no easy task in any cultural institution. It requires detailed planning and collaboration across many departments within an institution. Now, add 120-degree heat, freezing temperatures, tree frogs, and high humidity to the mix and you are planning a climatic affair! It is possible for any organization to bring art into their gardens, no matter the challenging factors. This presentation will discuss the endless possibilities and rewards that come with including art into your exhibition schedule, along with the how-tos and impact.

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