Do You Really Know What You’ve Got?
Event Type: 
Historic Horticulture
Date / Time: 
Wed June, 24 - 2:45pm to 4:15pm
Greenway A
M. Dosmann, K. Port, The Arnold Arboretum; A. Aiello, The Morris Arboretum; T. Morosco, Botanical Technologies

Case studies in Curating Collections: Your website claims an overwhelming number of accessions, impressive amount of plant diversity, and enough plant backstories to fill two sets of encyclopedias. But, how accurate are those statements? This session will inspire participants to return to their gardens to curate with zeal, optimize their practice, and reap the benefits. Discover how to spot-audit collections, maximize field inventory processes, verify plants to identity, and delve into and digitize archival records and maps. All of these approaches can be applied to any type of plant collection, and scaled up or down depending upon available resources.

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