Deeply Rooted Leadership and Development Dual Session: Session 1-A Perfect Marriage: A Brand Campaign and a Capital Campaign; Session 2-So You’ve Got Big Data, Now What?
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Deeply Rooted Leadership and Development
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Thu June, 25 - 10:00am to 11:30am
Greenway H-I
Session 1: J. GoodSmith and J. Koski, The Morton Arboretum Session 2: T. Barham, San Diego Botanic Garden, J. Koski, The Morton Arboretum, C. Belair, Target Analytics, A Blackbaud Company


Session 1: In a perfect world, everyone would always work together. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how to work together on two projects that meet a key institutional objective. At The Morton Arboretum, the development and marketing teams did just that. Imagine launching a capital campaign along side a major brand refresh. Imagine developing the messaging together. Imagine sharing budgets. And imagine working together to build stronger bonds with key partners within your own organization. This session will provide some of the secrets about how this DID work, and how the results will have a lasting impact.


Session 2:  Creating a cadenced approach to utilizing wealth screening and data modeling that’s based in your organization’s reality. A successful data analytics project can help an organization focus its resources on asking the right donor for the right gift at the right time. An unrealistic project can result in information overload and analysis paralysis. We’ll begin with a cadenced approach to utilizing predictive analytics that summarizes projects, results, and implementation recommendations into manageable and realistic steps. This overview will be followed by case studies and lessons learned from two organizations at different points in their fundraising lifecycles. The Morton Arboretum recently completed their third analytics project, and San Diego Botanic Garden is implementing their first analysis.

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