Core Marketing & Media Relations Dual Session: Session 1-The Public Garden as a Brand: Communication Techniques to Grow Your Organization; Session 2-And . . . Action! Making Video Happen in Your Garden
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Core Marketing and Media Relations
Date / Time: 
Thu June, 25 - 8:15am to 9:45am
Greenway J
Session 1: A. Charais, R. McEnaney, Bailey Nurseries, Inc. Session 2: P. Evans, J. Fazekas, Longwood Gardens; E. Peters, Brooklyn Botanic Garden; R. Staub, Neighborhood Film Company

Session 1: What is branding, and why is it important to public horticulture? Alec Charais, Marketing and Communications Manager for Bailey Nurseries, will lead a discussion on how to develop a "brand" from your organization's culture and vision, and in turn how to market that brand to the public. By branding your public garden, you can become more strategic in your communications, tell a unique story about who you are, and increase your recognition and stature in the community. This can lead to an increased donor base, annual admissions and potential for long-term growth. Session 2: Want to produce a video but think you don't have the time, talent, budget, or required equipment? Come to this session and find out how you can bring video to your garden. From low-budget inhouse production to engaging with professional filmmakers, find out what it takes to produce compelling content and raise your garden's profile.

Click here to view presentation materials from Session 1.

Click here to view presentation materials from Session 2.