Connecting with Nature
Event Type: 
Enriching Art and Exhibitions
Date / Time: 
Tue June, 23 - 9:45am to 11:15am
Greenway J
D. Miles and T. Brightman, Longwood Gardens; Byrom Haley, Gecko Group; B. Sheppard, Visitor Experience Specialist & Interpretive Developer; E.B. Saich, Universal Services Associates

Developing interpretation for Longwood’s new Meadow Garden experience: The Garden is the star, but how can appropriate and engaging interpretive exhibits and experiences increase visitor engagement, enjoyment, and heighten understanding without distracting from the Garden itself? In this session, we’ll explore Longwood Gardens’ new Meadow Garden and the methods used to create innovative interpretive exhibits within a garden space. We’ll present how we put together a collaborative team, explore what we know about visitor behavior and learning styles, highlight what the foundation of interpretive design looks like, share materials and methods, and how to measure results.

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